Health and Safety

Health and Safety

A healthy and safe travel experience is a shared responsibility. When businesses, residents and travelers all do their parts, Americans can Travel Confidently.

You can be confident that throughout every part of your travel journey, the travel industry is committed to enhanced health practices to help keep you safe. A common set of enhanced health and cleanliness measures has been widely implemented, not only to protect your safety, but also to ensure your trip is as enjoyable and worry-free as possible.


A recent report from the Aviation Public Health Initiative—a project of the Harvard School of Public Health—is analyzing strategies and practices around the risks of flying. The results have been extremely positive, showing a low risk of transmission on aircraft.


In a separate study by the Department of Defense, findings showed that a person would have to be sitting next to an infectious passenger for at least 54 hours to receive a dangerous dose of the virus on a packed flight.


The following guidance has been adopted by businesses industry-wide.

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Two guest checking in at a counter.
Promote Health Screening Measures
for employees, isolate workers with possible COVID-19 symptoms and provide health resources to customers.
Create Transmission Barriers
by adapting operations, modifying employee practices and/or redesigning public spaces to help protect employees and customers.
Credit card machine.
Implement Touchless Solutions
where practical to limit the opportunity for virus transmission while also enabling a positive travel experience.
Mask and vial.
Establish A Set of Procedures Aligned With CDC Guidance
should an employee test positive for COVID-19
Cleaning hazmat suit.
Adopt Enhanced Sanitation Procedures
specifically designed to combat the transmission of COVID-19
Food beverage sale with masks.
Follow Best Practices in Food and Beverage Service
to promote the health of employees and customers.
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9 in 10 travelers want details on health and cleanliness before booking their next trip.

Before you get on the road or take to the skies, learn more about the programs travel companies have put in place to prioritize your health and safety.
A healthy travel experience is a shared responsibility.


Before you travel, review the state guidance for the destination you are visiting to ensure you are up to date on the state's latest policies. Please do not travel if you are experiencing symptoms. If you are able, get an approved COVID-19 vaccine.


When you arrive, make sure you practice the following three health and safety measures, among others outlined by the CDC and any required protocols of the business or community you are visiting, to ensure your safety and the safety of your fellow travelers and residents:


Washing hands.
Wash Hands Regularly
Adult and child wearing mask.
Wear a Mask
Social distancing in public.
Maintain Physical Distancing
Together, if we all do our part, we can travel safely and fulfill the sense of wanderlust, connection, adventure and joy we all need back in our lives.